Mutiful. Make your phone loud or mute it with an SMS

Mutiful app - control your phone's volume with an SMS

Locate your phone with a simple text message. Mute your phone with SMS.

Mutiful is a simple phone locator app designed for people who love to keep their phone on silent.

Main features:

  • turn on/off silent mode with SMS
  • mute your phone with SMS
  • volume with sms
  • mute with sms

SMS Examples

  • Where are you?
  • Pick up the phone
  • Shut your phone
  • Shush
  • Turn the volume up

How does it work?

Simply text a custom key phrase to your phone when it is on silent mode to turn on your ringer and even make it vibrate.

You can also mute your phone if you leave it in a place where the ringtone might bother the people around it.

Never lose your phone again!

For example: send keyword "where are you" to turn on the ringer or "shush" to turn it off.


Q: Hey, didn't you hear about Android Device Manager? It locates your phone and plays your ringtone at full volume.

A: Yes, we did. But ADM relies on you having your mobile data or Wifi activated and it ADM can also be disabled. A simple text has a greater chance to reach your phone.

Plus, you can give your key phrase to your loved ones to make sure they can reach you when your phone is on silent.

Q: Are you reading my texts?

A: No! Your phone scans for the key phrase, the data never leaves your device. We won’t ever request access to read your personal information or even to use your internet connection.

Q: Ok, but you can you send texts out, wasting my monthly budget?

A: No, the app doesn't have permission to send texts.

Q: There are so many false alerts happening all the time! A: If you use a common word or phrase to trigger the alerts (like “where are you?”), then your friends/family can accidentally trigger the alert. Use something unique that isn’t widely used in text messages.

Q: Should the SMS contain only the key phrase and nothing else to trigger the alert?

A: No. As long as the key phrase is in the text it will trigger the alert, no matter what else is around the text. And it is case-insensitive.

Q: So what is the Alert then?

A: You can choose if you want your phone to vibrate or to play the default ringtone, or both!

Q: Will this app slow down my phone?

A: We specifically made the app simple and small so it would not affect the performance of the phone, like some other bigger apps do.

Q: Well, can I also use it on my tablet?

A: If it can receive an SMS, then why not?


Mutiful. Make your phone loud or mute it with an SMS


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Massimo Satira on May 30, 2015 at 12:05 AM
Great app My phones always on silent and now i have an easy way to find it when i leave it around the house.

John Young on Apr 15, 2015 at 11:25 PM
Fantastic app! Works perfectly, I will never lose my phone again! Thank you!