KubeCon / CloudNativeCon 2018 Copenhagen

This time event took place in Copenhagen and it was the biggest KubeCon to date. It was not only the biggest in terms of attendees, but also in terms of sponsors, companies and talks.

Each day could easily count 70-80 different people speaking on different topics. And even with this crazy amount of speeches, there was a feeling that it is not covering everything.

Kubernetes, all types of container runtime environments, container network interfaces, security frameworks, cloud events specification drafst, machine learning with kubeflow, messaging systems, new product launches and much more were among the topics presented.

Way to many for a single person to consume and comprehend, but, luckily, there were plenty of people to attend each and every talk, ask questions and recieve some answers.

Where on earth could you see AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM,Intel, Ubuntu, SUSE, Red Hat, Cisco, VMWare, DigitalOcean, nginx, Mesosphere, JetBrains, docker, eclipse and tons of other stickers on a single table behind the reception?

You could be drinking coffee next to that cool guy from Google or eating cake in front of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation CEO. Or you could just take a nap surrounded by 4000 people listening to a cool machine learning story in the cloud.