Uelco is a a service to help you create beautiful mobile onboarding experiences for your new employees


dockui is a TUI tool built to understand how docker uses disk space. It uses Docker API.

python3, curses, docker api, threading


survey-builder is a simple survey builder written with Svelte, Typescript and TailwindCSS
source  |  demo

typescript, svelte, tailwindcss


contentful-graph is an open-source tool that helps you to visualise your whole content model in form of graph.
It works on top of contentful api
source  |  blog post  |  meetup slides

JavaScript ES6, contentful-api, graphviz


contentful-graph-web is an isomorphic web app written on next.js that uses contentful-graph library to visualise your contentful data model
source  |  demo

JavaScript ES6, node.js, next.js, material-ui, Docker, graphviz, contentful-api, graphviz


Loliful (ru) is the world's first app for creating jokes collaboratively.
It is the successor of the kontra project from 2003.
App source code on github.

API: node.js, loopback, express.js, pm2, S3, phantomjs
DB : MySQL 5.7, Redis
APP: Angular.js, ES6, webpack
CD : karma, protractor, codeship, gitlab-ci, docker Mon: Nagios, ELK, Slack

Loliful bot for Slack

Loliful bot for slack: get random jokes, funny responses, interesting intros.

API: node.js, loopback, express.js, pm2
DB : MySQL 5.7, Redis


Mutiful: Control your phone's volume: turn on/off silent mode or mute your phone with SMS.
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Android SDK, gradle

Get it on Google Play


F1 predictions manager

Started from LJ ru-F1 community, turned into a standalone project running since 2009

PHP, MySQL, memcached, ZendFramework, jQuery, raphaƫl.js, Python, Docker


Accounting costs for utilities. The program allows you to record readings of water meters, gas and electricity.
Read more (ru) Privacy Policy

Android SDK

Get it on Google Play


Angular Debug Toolbar (1.x)
to monitor performance, scopes, routes, services and modules.

Angular, Javascript


WebRTC (Kurento)
ng-bar Angular 1 debug toolbar